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Adult Learning Online: Strategies for Success with Online College

Are you an adult learning online? You have computer, latte and broadband Internet ready, all set to go. Bring it on! Online learning is a fun way to approach education. E-learning is not the same as traditional classroom learning. You may have to spend long hours...
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Indiana University Online Courses: Online education courses

Online courses are a great way to supplement your education. Perhaps you are looking for extra classes that seamlessly fit into your schedule? Or maybe you want to get additional qualifications without doing a full degree program? Whatever your reasons are; Indiana...
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Going Back to College at 25

Going back to college at 25 is not for the faint-hearted. You may think it would have been better to enroll immediately after high school when your mind is still fresh. Besides, starting college immediately after high school prepares for the rigors of college unlike...
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Why Business Should Donate Old Cars to Charity

Maintaining an old car can be expensive. Many businesses have abandoned their old car in their garages. Why pay taxes for an old car you're not using anymore? Paying taxes for unworthy vehicles is absurd. It is better to donate such old cars to a charity and reduce...
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