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Accredited distance learning has become a popular way of earning a college degree in the recent years. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that around six million Americans are enrolled in various online learning courses. However, some challenges are making it difficult for these colleges to meet their objectives such as low student engagement amongst many other factors. Here are the three top tips to help you figure out how you can get the most from an online learning program or college.

Know your goal:

You need to be clear what course you are enrolling for before you venture out to look for a suitable college. Is it a bachelor, masters or doctorate? Some people just need professional courses to help sharpen their skills. This is the first step to help you pick from a variety of online colleges.

Some of the most popular options to pick from are Walden, Kaplan, and Phoenix. There are also many other community colleges that you can settle. Just ensure that your preferred college helps you to achieve the goal that made you go to school in the first place.

The cost of education:

This is perhaps the most important consideration that you will have to know before settling on any given distance learning college. Shop around for pocket friend prices that you can afford before committing. You will realize that there are cost variations ranging from $500 to $3,000. Dig deeper to know the cost of tuition, administrative fee and other related charges. Find out if there’s a refund policy so you can recoup your money if you decided to stop.


This is important because it will help you to smoke out bogus colleges that phishing for your money. You need a school that has all the necessary licenses and accreditation so that your papers will not be compromised. Enrolling in an accredited school will ensure that your credits are accepted everywhere you go.

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