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Working adults have no option for regular classes because of the work and family responsibilities that awaits them. Accredited online bachelors degrees are the best solution.

Online classes are a better option for working adults who want to pursue Bachelors degree program. It is difficult for the working adults to conform to the regular classes. Colleges are now offering online classes to meet the needs of adult working students. Online classes have assisted more working students in earning degrees in various faculties.

The online class model has provided an alternative avenue for working adults to attain academic and professional ambitions. As the job market change, working professionals need to advance their career through education. The best online degrees are within education, health and engineering.

Here are the top 5 online bachelor degree programs in 2017:

1. Business Management and Administration
This degree empowers graduates with skills in directing a broad range of support services for business. Most companies are seeking people who can provide support services for administration and management consultation.

2. General Business
Earning a general business degree can help one to get a variety of jobs ranging from the administration manager to executives. Businesses are seeking to employ workers who have clerical, management and financial skills. These entire skills can acquire through the online business degree.

3. Accounting
This is the most marketable degree that one can easily earn via online studies. Business needs people who keep the accurate record, pay employees and ensure that all applicable taxes are paid on time. Accountants can also advice on matters pertaining to fiscal laws and regulations of the company.

4. Nursing
This is a well-paying job and graduates don’t hustle for long without landing for this niche. Nurses are needed almost in every institution, including schools. This is an on-demand job for a reason that only few students are taking it.

5. Psychology
The world is facing a lot of social problems. Psychology course equips graduates to be responsible for evaluating and treating emotional, social and behavioral disorders via psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.


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