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Maintaining an old car can be expensive. Many businesses have abandoned their old car in their garages. Why pay taxes for an old car you’re not using anymore? Paying taxes for unworthy vehicles is absurd. It is better to donate such old cars to a charity and reduce the burden of paying taxes and maintenance.

Several charity organizations like Vehicles for Change accept old cars. With a donated car, you are helping to improve the lives of needy people in the community. You can touch someone’s life by donating your old car. This article will help you understand why you should donate your old car to a charity organization.

1. Provide Transportation for Needy Families

Lack of the means of transportation has kept many families in poverty and kept some people accessing employment. Inadequate public transit hinders low-income people working for hourly wages. Donating your vehicle will facilitate the means of transport for people to access employment.

2. Tax Deduction Benefit

You don’t incur any financial loss with the new federal rules on the tax deduction for donated cars. Though tax deductions depend on the condition of the vehicle. One can gain the resale value as a tax deduction on a used car. Also, the tax deduction would be less if the donated car still requires major repairs.

3. Helping the Local Community

Donating an old car to a charity is one way of giving back to the community. Having an unwanted vehicle in your parking helps nobody, but you can help to meet the needs of individuals in the community. You can also improve the quality of life of needy people by donating your vehicle. Remember, there are honor and joy for choosing to make someone happy.