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Going to college at 40 for the first time can be exciting and overwhelming. Exciting because one gets a chance to pursue the dream course that they never did when they were younger. But unlike young students joining college, you will have a lot  of more catching up to do. Learning how to write a proper essay, the thought of being subjected to a test. Exams can also give you a headache, especially if it has been so many years since you left high school.

However, don’t be so hard on yourself. At 40, you are wiser and more focused in life than other people you will be sharing classes with. Traditional college students don’t have half the career and life experiences that you possess, and that might be an advantage as you settle in class. Here are some of the secrets that you need to know if you are joining college at 40.

Follow your passion:

Go where your heart leads you. You are still a young hippie to try out everything thus you only need to focus on that which makes your heart to miss a beat. Scour online for colleges and educational institutions in your locality to find out if they offer any courses that interest you. Some community colleges offer courses in an internship with bigger colleges and universities

Ask for help:

This is something that many untraditional students struggle with because they are used to calling the shots in most cases. But there is nothing wrong about asking about something you don’t know. In fact, that is the main reason why people go back to school. Asking would do you good as a non-traditional student because they are things you may not know because you have so much on your plate already.

Use your experience:

You have amassed all that life and work experience for nothing, so let it shine. Don’t be shy to share your experience with fellow students and your professors. This will help you to adjust to the new surroundings, and you will settle much faster.

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