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A chart table augments your report or document. These simple, space-efficient objects represent a great deal of data. A chart table quickly displays data that your readers want to know but would be tedious and wordy if worked into your text. Make charts easily for reports, office memos or a personal document with a simple program you probably already have on your computer.

Things You’ll Need:

Microsoft Word or equivalent word-processing program

  • Look at your data to decide how many columns and rows you want in your chart. For example, a chart about prices of items for sale needs two columns; one for the item names, one for the prices and one extra row to label the columns.
  • Open the “Table” menu in Microsoft Word, select “Insert” followed by “Table.” Enter the number of rows and columns you need and hit “OK.”
  • Double-check the accuracy of your data. Label columns and add appropriate figures in the cells. After you enter one value, proceed to the column to the right. Use the “Tab” or cursor keys to move around the table.
  • Click either above or below the table to insert titles. Use a font different from the rest of your document to add an eye-catching edge to your chart table.