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Online courses are a great way to supplement your education. Perhaps you are looking for extra classes that seamlessly fit into your schedule? Or maybe you want to get additional qualifications without doing a full degree program? Whatever your reasons are; Indiana University offers an opportunity to improve your resume with online classes. Indiana University online courses are open to both IU students and non-students.

Some things to know before signing up:

· Online classes are semester based with specific start and end dates.
· Online and on-campus classes carry credits.
· Students access their learning materials through the Canvas Learning System.
· Online classes also have projects, assignments and exams like the traditional classes.
· The presence of a school proctor is required when taking the exams.

IU offers flexibility and quality courses of all kinds. Here are some of the courses that you might want to take up.


Business Administration, B.S.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration gives a broader choice of careers that you can take after graduation. You can work in any of these sectors; retail, finance, education, manufacturing, commerce and private business. This course opens your eyes to the works of various organizations. You can specialize in fields such as advertising and promotion, accounting and commercial law. You will also develop your skills in teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.

Social work, M.S.W

Social workers play a crucial role in the society by helping people with financial, health or interpersonal problems. They assist groups of people, especially the most vulnerable groups such as the abused children, homeless, elderly and substance abusers. Students taking this course are required to complete the 60 credit hours.

Public Affairs, M.P.A

Public Affairs comprises a range of programs and initiatives to develop policy and solve societal problems. Masters of Public Affairs helps you to think critically so that you can solve public policy problems. This course is perfect for those who want to serve as public servants. 48 credit hours are required to complete before you can graduate.