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This is a Sample Product Review. It follows conventional guidelines for articulating feedback about a business or service.

Cold steel knives are top trending products on the market. A good example is Talwar knife. It is on the top buckling trend type of a cold steel knife. It is a perfect and modest knife that is trending on the market. The company benefits a lot from the blades.

The Talwar has the same features found on the Rajah 2 knife. It has a wicked upswept blade and an aggressive swedge with kickass wave opening. The features of the knife are pretty unique. The knife appears to be small when closed. The handle of the knife is about 5.25 inches and makes it look large when opened. The thickness of the blade is about 0.4 cm(0.157). The Talwar knife is slightly lighter than traditional knives such as Benchmade Adamas.

I possess a regular 4-inch Talwar that takes the form of the new discontinued AUS-8 steel. The new version of Talwar is similar to a CTS- XHP steel advanced. In my opinion, the advanced version of CTS- XHP blade steel is still relevant to me. Furthermore, the price is relatively low.

The Talwar knife has the T.R.I.A.D lock. The Cold Steel’s lock feature is the most loved and recognizable in the market industry. It is unbelievable how people speak about the T.R.I.A.D lock. You can check out on YouTube channel about Cold Steels. The lock works out in Cold Steel’s buckling trend in the industry.

Anyone will go for a tactical knife that has the better choice for a lock. We need to see more locks apart from Cold Steel in the market. It can be only achieved if other companies are willing to develop better locks at the reasonable price.

For the purpose of review consistency, I will say that if the lock doesn’t work out, which is unlikely to happen, the Talwar has a pseudo choil area. That means you can only lose a few digits. The legal liability is what should scare you. In other words, it is impossible for the lock on the block to fail during regular use.

The fascinating aspect about Talwar is, in my view, its unique blade with its super aggressive swedge. The swedge makes easy penetration. The knife has a killer aesthetic flourish. The blade serves well, and it comes with advantages without downsides in the practical world use.

The pivot of the Cold Steel Talwar doesn’t function well as it is expected with the Tri-Ad lock. The pivot of the blade has no side pressure. So, the perfect centering of the blade is trivial. The positioning of the off-center blade can cause the flaw in the machining of the blade.

The G-10 Talwar’s knife can malfunction on the right-hand side scale. It is the only knife produced by Cold Steel that I noticed has a visible manufacturing defect. The knife has the scale of 1.5 inch that seems to burn.

Despite the defect, I pointed out; I will still keep the knife. The texture of G-10 Cold Steel Talwar is similar to the Recon 1 which is rough. The different a rise in the shape, however, the contouring and thick jumping on the spine is the same.

Cold Steel is commended on concentrating of to linerless production. The G-10 is powerful enough without adding steel liners that increase its weight. All the linerless created by Cold Steels have a perfect balance. The lack of liners makes the knife to be stable.

The thumb plate of the Cold Steel Talwar is not rough. The smoothness of the thumb plate makes the knife to be portable in the pocket. The knife cannot tear pocket because the blade does not completely engage with the lock.
The wave mechanism functions well in practice, but I have a problem when using it. It is hard to launch a knife using the wave functioning since the TRIAD lock engages with force. I don’t feel comfortable when using it. What I will say, the knife is more useful for deployment purpose, and I have engaged it frequently in a dangerous situation.

It is hard to withdraw the Talwar for quick deployment since its clip holds the pocket tightly. The pocket clip of the knife frequently sticks on the denim. The good thing about Cold Steel Talwar, it comes with two pocket clips. This makes it easier to engage wave deployment methods thus a person can use either the one on the left or right.

Another type of the Cold Steel Talwar is a reverse grip, and it is suitable for defensive drills. The Talwar blade is much better than Recon 1. I like pinch gripping Cold Steel Talwar. Holding the blade into the flesh of your palms is easy. It is advantageous for tactical application since the finger doesn’t have to rest anywhere.

The balance of the Cold Steel Talwar has a liner-less setup. The knife is lighter and responsive in hand. This feature makes it easy to balance it on the fingers. If you are looking for tactical slicer with a super nice aggressive tip and some over-the –top mean stylish, then you will not be making a foolish decision to consider Cold Steel Talwar knife.

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