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Did you know more students than ever are considering online college? The top accredited online colleges and universities Getting the best education is the only way to improve economic stability. Are you a working professional, continuing student or graduated from high school? Acquire more skills, knowledge and experience that can unlock new jobs in the market by taking an online degree program.

All over the world, students are taking online degree programs in different fields such as business, engineering, criminal justice, information technology healthcare, political science and among many other courses. In this article, we have researched the best online degree programs that match with the current job opportunity in the market.

1. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Business Administration degree program equips students for various management positions globally. The program reviews all fields of business ranging from finances, human resource, management, marketing, operations, information systems and supply-chain management.

2. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management

Hotel and hospitality management is one of the growing industries right now. It’s also one of the jobs that have more opportunities for graduate student in the year 2017. This degree prepares students for the management position in the industry.

3. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource

Research indicates that employment for the human resource will grow up to 21% in the year 2020. Human resource is an important aspect of any organization to grow. And most of the organizations nowadays are emphasizing on the recruitment of human resources.

4. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

More companies have been recruiting people for marketing from 2008 and the rate employment is anticipated to go up in the year 2018. This degree is right for you if you haven’t figured out which course to take.

5. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Information System

This degree is one of the marketable courses that guarantee the students with job opportunities. Graduates of this degree are equipped with business and technology skills to manage data systems and meet business challenges.


3 Tips for Working Adults Going Back to College

The best thing is, adults who are working can go back to school. Many people in their 50s and 60s always think of retirement. If you are in that category, you can change your retirement perception that comes with age and go back to school. Education is the best tool to challenge your mind.

Now, I challenge you to think about going back to school. First, prioritize your time. Take part-time online courses during evening or weekend and plan out how to pay your tuition fee. The online course is often cheaper than regular studies at the campus.

Most of the online course requires one to have a computer knowledge. Take computer refresher courses to make sure you are familiar with operating computer system effectively. Online courses demand much of your leisure time. You will have to be prepared to sacrifice your precious time if you want to graduate quickly.

Here are a few tips for going back to college:

1. Identify the College

If your passion is to continue with education, follow it. The first step is to determine accredited online college and then apply for admission. Do follow up to ensure that you get the admission.

2. Choose Relevant Course

Choose a relevant course that will be appropriate with your current professional career. Remember that going back to college is to boost your resume to explore excellent job opportunities. Ask friends to advise you the right course that can improve your professional career.

3. Start Slowly

After receiving your admission, pay your tuition fee and start classes. Your brain may not fire up quickly but that doesn’t mean that you are a fool. Learn slowly by slowly till you get where you want to go. Remember that you are not competing with any other person. It’s all about you and your career. Take it simply and enjoy the process of learning in your adulthood.


Online School Program, Chicago

There are several universities accredited to offer online programs in Chicago. These universities provide educational opportunities for the students who want to continue with education or enroll for the first time in an online program.

If you are living in Chicago, you don’t need to go far looking for online school programs. Chicago has many schools that are known as research centers and leaders of the world of academia. In this article, we will highlight some of the best of the best online school programs in Chicago.

1. Loyola University

The school was ranked as one of the best universities offering an online course in Chicago by Forbes magazine and Princeton Review. The school offers an array of online programs, including the Doctorate in Nursing Practice and Bioethics.

2. The University of Illinois at Chicago

The school was listed as one of the best colleges in 2016 according to U.S. News and World Report. The college provides conducive environment for the student pursuing online degree The College assist adult to choose professional skills that match with the job market. A student can access the class at their convenient time.

3. The University of Chicago

It is one of the best tops in Chicago offering undergraduate online degree programs while you can work full-time. It concentrates on providing quality online education that enables students to be responsible for the positions they may get.

4. Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University is an accredited online college in Chicago. It offers an array of online programs ranging from Degree’s to Master’s option. Roosevelt ranked 65th best institution offering Teaching and Learning, and Organization Development via the online program.

5. DePaul University

DePaul University closes our list of the best top five online school program in Chicago, IL. The school is a private accredited online university ranked high as one of the most innovative schools in U.S.A. It offers both regular and distance learning programs online.


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